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Rebekah Tucker | Sydney, NSW

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About the Sandler Training team

CEO, Sandler Training in Sydney

Rebekah Tucker

Rebekah Tucker is the CEO for Sandler Training Sydney. She has over 20 years of frontline sales, sales management and business development experience. Prior to Sandler, Rebekah served as Director of Sales for Australia and New Zealand for a niche market software company where she produced record-breaking results, exceeding her target by nearly 200%. There she built and trained the UK, European and US teams as well as establishing direct sales and partnership/reseller channels for Australia and New Zealand.

Rebekah has experience across many vertical markets including IT, Professional Services, Retail, Oil and Gas, Telecom, Government, Legal, Pharmaceutical and Private sectors. Her extensive experience and knowledge spans from small direct sales to multinational, enterprise, strategic selling.